Following leadership – Leading followership (and tango)

On January 28 2013 all employees of the Human Resources Department as well as staff members of the Faculty of Humanities of the Utrecht University are being invited to participate in the workshop ‘Following leadership – Leading followership’.
Topics of the workshop are: Who’s appointed to make decisions? How aware are we, as supporting staff, of our actual influence? Can we change roles according to the situation? Imagine a leader and a follower who, in close cooperation, both feel responsible for the whole and both having influence. How to move together and keep the right balance between leading and following?
The workshop will be interactive and experiential. It will be facilitated by Arielle Brouwer who wrote a blog on ‘following leadership’ which inspired Marie-Helene de Windt (HR advisor at Utrecht University) to ask Arielle to develop this workshop, in cooperation with a tango duo. The tango dancers will illustrate particular situations of the participants, and give a demonstration of typical ‘leading’ and ‘following’ qualities and pitfalls.
Charlotte & Laurent / You Tango

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