Workshop Effective Communication

-how to handle the challenges in academia

organized for female academics by Female Faculty Network Twente (Twente University)

May 19 2014 from 14:00 – 17:00


Do you want to know how to be heard, and how to get across your point effectively?

Do you want to learn more about the different styles of communication?

Do you want to have more influence and impact at the meeting table?

In the workshop Effective Communication you will get concrete insights and practical tips on how to deal with the challenges of communication (as a woman) in academia. We provide you with an insightful and very interactive program.

Communications theory

We start with a broad view of what communication really is and how gender and cultural aspects play their role. We focus on interaction at the meeting table: how to be heard and seen in an effective way?

Styles of communicating

During the workshop we will pay attention to different styles of communication, which you can adopt in a cross-cultural academic environment in a Dutch university, if you are a woman and want to be heard. Participants learn more about their own communication style and the styles of others, which helps to be more effective.

Applicable in work practice

After these personal insights we put the tips into practice in concrete role-play exercises. Here participants learn how to take an active role at the meeting table and to formulate an effective argument. The participants will gain insights and practice skills that will help them to use communication to solve challenges in a constructive way. To make the tips and insights practical the cases are based on situations that these female academics deal with at the workplace. For instance: getting your message across in a meeting, how to deal with miscommunication and difficult people.


After the workshop the participants will have:

>  practical tips on how to improve your communication and be more effective in the academic environment

>  insight in their own communication style and gender and cultural aspects concerning communication

To promote learning in the workplace and to further customize the program, the workshop will be supplemented with a short preparation assignment and a useful reminder a week after the workshop.

About the trainers

Arielle Brouwer and Linda van der Wal are very familiar with the workings of academia. They have been providing training at Twente University since 2005. Both trainers have extensive experience in the field of training and they are familiar with the pitfalls regarding the careers of women in academia.

Thanks to the combination of two trainers it is possible to deliver personal coaching during the exercises, which will help to connect the learning and everyday work-experiences.

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