About GWE

Global Workers Experience is an initiative from Ariëlle Brouwer, and has a network of English speaking specialists, trainers and coaches working on intercultural communication, gender awareness, leadership, career development, employability, personal effectiveness, and expat issues. We work on integral development of both individuals, groups and companies, for the benefit of the whole.

Ariëlle Brouwer is communications and leadership trainer, coach, and former theatre professional. Since 1998 she is working as an independent trainer, coach and consultant for organizations investing in the effectiveness of their staff’s communication, attitude and behaviour. Before, she worked as a professional actress in Dutch avant-garde theatre and as a drama teacher for the Theatre School of Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht. Ariëlle is a certified Spiral Dynamics Integral Practioner, and a skilled practioner of Qi Gong and Leadership Embodiment.

In the network f.i.: intercultural communication trainer, writer, lecturer Wilfred Ploeg, and embodied leadership coach, teacher, publicist and biologist Anouk Brack.

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