Coaching & Training

Effective Communication

Training or workshop – modules of a half day on the topics:  personal communication styles, personal qualities, influencing, cooperation, dealing with conflict, hierarchy, emotions, negociating. With tips, tools, dynamic exercises and real cases from the workplace. Trainers: Linda van der Wal, Arielle Brouwer


Training, workshop or coaching – all topics from ‘elevator pitch’, ‘dealing with nerves’ or ‘how to have impact’, ‘using your voice’, to developing a personal style or preparing a specific presentation. Trainer: Arielle Brouwer

Body Language

Training or workshop – one day or half day program that creates awareness and gives you clues about your personal body language, and invites you to add new skills to your repertoire. Trainer: Arielle Brouwer

Career Development

Training -Basic training ‘Professional Profiling’, 3 day program to get clarity on ‘who I am, what I do, where I want to go in my career, how do I profile myself’. Trainers: Linda van der Wal or Arielle Brouwer -Advanced training ‘Take the Next Step, get in charge of your career&ambitions’, 6 months with 3 days intensive training, intervision sessions with peer-learning, online individual coaching.  Trainers: Arielle Brouwer and Linda van der Wal


Live sessions or online – coaching-topics: leadership, self management, communication and presentation skills , dealing with difficult people, cultural differences, selfconfidence, authenticity, assertiveness, gender differences, sense of purpose, work-private balance. All coaching is based on the principle of self-determination and aims for sustainable employability. Coaching Prices&Packages Coach: Arielle Brouwer

“Arielle was a fantastic coach who supported me through two very important  transitions in my life (my first child was born, and I was appointed as full professor at the same time). I appreciated the opportunity to reflect upon my own strengths and potential pitfalls. Arielle provided me tips, tools, and exercises which I am sure will help me to deal with challenges that come up in the future.”

“PhD students often struggle during their research and it sometimes takes just another point of view to help them. As I was in my second year of my PhD path, I began to struggle with what I considered to be motivational problems. I had the chance to make use of a one hour coaching session with Arielle. In this one hour meeting we discussed my questions that I prepared before. Arielle, by visualizing and rephrasing my thoughts, helped me understand the underlying problem of my motivation issues. She also gave me clear tasks and suggestions on how to change my situation. I followed her recommendations and found out that the suggested reasons indeed affected my motivation, and taking the suggested actions helped me find inspiration for further research. I definitely recommend Arielle as a coach!”

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