Workshop Body Language at Female Faculty Network Twente

The Female Faculty Network Twente is inviting her members for the workshop:

Body Language – upgrading your non-verbal presentation

by Ariëlle Brouwer

on Tuesday 15 February 2011, from 13.00 till 17.00 hrs.

in building Drienerburght

“Why do I have the feeling I’m not being taken seriously?” “How come they don’t listen to me?” “Why is that promotion not given to me?” In presenting and profiling yourself in the academic atmosphere, you might find that focussing on the content of the work is not always enough to make a good impression… As a scientist, you are generally focused on the content of your work. Women, in general, also have a tendency to focus on the content. Yet, when talking about your work in a presentation, or everyday with your colleagues, your body might speak a different language! It can (unconsciously) send out signs that run down the quality of your story. This workshop creates awareness and gives you clues regarding your personal body language, and will invite you to add some new skills to your repertoire. You will also learn what postures and positions are most useful (and impressive) during giving a speech at conferences or other public speaking events. You will practice by making short and powerful statements in order to influence people and to make a good impression.

Upgrade your presentation!

Ariëlle Brouwer, director of Brouwer Theater & Training, is communication trainer, presentation coach and theatre professional. She studied at the Theatre School of Amsterdam (Prof. Actor’s Education 1983) and has extensive working experience as professional actress on the Dutch stage. As director and drama teacher she worked for the Theatre School of Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht. Since 1998 she works as an independent trainer, coach, actor and consultant for companies investing in the effectiveness of their people’s communication, attitude and behaviour. Personal development of individual people and transparency in relations are her goal. Mrs. Brouwer provides training at the UT, in cooperation with Mrs. Van der Wal, in the field of Personal Effectiveness and Communication. More information Please reply if you want to join this workshop by sending an e-mail to: Further information about the FFNT you can find on:

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Creativity and Innovation at EuropeanPWN Spring Dinner

For EPWN members and guests

The smell of Spring is in the Air which sounds like a great excuse for a dinner and that is exactly what we are arranging for our May event.
On Wednesday May 19 we would like to invite you to the 2010 Spring Dinner which will be an evening of good food and great conversation.

In the recent survey you asked for more opportunities to get to know each other better. You asked, we listened and therefore, instead of having a guest speaker this month, Ariëlle Brouwer has kindly offered to be the facilitator for the evening together with Jacinta Noonan. They have a number of fun activities up their sleeves designed to get us up and moving about, meeting people in innovative and creative ways. The aim of the evening is to get to know each other at a deeper level and to engage in conversations that we are truly passionate about.

In the ambience of a beautiful restaurant, while enjoying a delicious meal accompanied by just the right wine, you will enjoy an enriching evening among friends; some you know and some who are just waiting to make your acquaintance.

Date: Wednesday 19 May
Time: 19:00 Registration and Welcome Drink
Venue: Brasserie Harkema
Dress Code: Business Casual
The price of the dinner is 50 Euro per person.

Ariëlle Brouwer is a pioneer, an initiator and a specialist in creativity. She originally comes from the world of theatre and now brings her unique skills and talents into the field of training and coaching. Using special techniques from theatre, Ariëlle creates interesting workshops to enable people to explore openness, communication and authentic self-expression at a deeper level.

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GWE Facilitated Dinner ‘Friendship’

Invitation to join Global Workers Experience Dinner ‘Friendship’
on April the 26th 2010 in Amsterdam

The Global Workers Experience Dinners are an opportunity to meet and network with other global workers – both locals and expats.
These dinner events are informal with thematic information and personal conversations. At April the 26th the focus is on the single theme: Friendship.

The Global Workers Experience Dinner ‘Friendship’ will be held from 18:00 till 22:00 at: Home Restaurant Saskia’s Huiskamer.
For this facilitated dinner event the cost is €55 per person. This includes registration, food and drinks. There is a maximum limit of 30 participants. For more information and registration contact Ariëlle Brouwer at or +31 (0)6 15474850. Registration will be open until Monday, April 19th.

What can you expect?

  • a dinner of 4 courses daily fresh food from the Albert Cuypmarket, including drinks
  • meeting other highly educated global workers (expats & locals) working in Amsterdam area
  • practical information about Dutch cultural habits on the theme: Friendship
  • exchange of individual experiences, facilitated by a professional trainer/host

You can enlarge your social and professional network, get more knowledge about friendship in different cultures and more awareness about your own personal and cultural preferences.

“It’s an elegant way of getting to know new people.”

“Very nice evening with very nice people.”

“For me it was a relief to have real good conversations that matter, not superficial.”

Connecting people
As communication trainer I regularly work with expats on cultural awareness and ‘how to communicate with the Dutch?’ It’s a great job to give people more insight in the background of miscommunication and to help them to feel more at home. This dinner event was inspired by the many expats who found it so hard to become friends with Dutch people.
By facilitating the exchange of experiences, I intend to help connecting people.

I’m looking forward to meet you on Monday, April 26th!
Your trainer/host, Ariëlle Brouwer

Date: Monday, April 26th, 18:30 – 22:00
Location: Amsterdam
Costs: €55 per person incl. registration, food and drinks
Participants: maximum 30
Registration: until Monday April 19 via +31 (0)6 15474850 or

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