Specifically for Women

‘Why was I passed over for that promotion? Why is it that they don’t listen to me in meetings? Why do I have the feeling I’m not being taken seriously?’

Women who work in a masculine organizational culture sometimes find it difficult to put themselves forward at work. They might lack the necessary skills to get promoted, or perhaps they feel uncomfortable in the organization and want to leave. We empower women and develop helpful skills with training events, workshops and coaching on the following topics:

  • Career Development – Training ‘Take the Next Step -get in charge your own career ambitions’
  • Professional Branding – Workshop ‘Branding’
  • Professional Networking – Workshop with a lot of practical exercises and some theoretical background, relevant to the targetgroup
  • Professional Presentation – Training, Workshop or Coaching (see: ‘Coaching and Training’)
  • Body Language – Training or Workshop (see: ‘Coaching and Training’)
  • Individual Coaching -live and online sessions (see: ‘Coaching and Training’)
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