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Coaching Sessions for female scientists UT

maandag, juni 20th, 2016

Members of the Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT) are invited for a Coaching Session on

July 14 or July 18, 2016

More information and subscription (FFNT members only): FFNT Coaching Sessions 2016

“An individual session with a good coach can make a substantial contribution to your career.”- Prof. Dr. Liudvika Leisyte, professor of Higher Education, TU Dortmund



“PhD students often struggle during their research and it sometimes takes just another point of view to help them. As I was in my second year of my PhD path, I began to struggle with what I considered to be motivational problems. I had the chance to make use of a one hour coaching session with Arielle. In this one hour meeting we discussed my questions that I prepared before. Arielle, by visualizing and rephrasing my thoughts, helped me understand the underlying problem of my motivation issues. She also gave me clear tasks and suggestions on how to change my situation. I followed her recommendations and found out that the suggested reasons indeed affected my motivation, and taking the suggested actions helped me find inspiration for further research. I definitely recommend Arielle as a coach!”

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Career Lab for female PhD’s

dinsdag, mei 24th, 2016

Career event for female PhD's
May 26th at University of Twente.

Career event for female PhD’s

What do you need to be able to create your own career? What opportunities are available for younger females to close the gender gap and achieve top positions?

These questions are at stake in the Career Lab for female PhD’s, a mixture between a workshop, an informal meeting, and a networking event.

Joint exploration

With 12 to 30 colleagues you will jointly explore what you –individually and collectively- can undertake to advance your career in the desired direction. And what can support you. This event is being organized by P-NUT together with the Female Faculty Network Twente (FFNT), and is created and hosted by Arielle Brouwer.

Taking charge, dynamic steering and resilience

 “In my view, it is extra important in times of insecurity to keep (your own) track, take good care of yourself, share experiences with peers and support each other, and to take charge over your own life and career –which is not the same as planning it. In these times, building a career is more like a dance with the circumstances, the possibilities from the outside in relation to those on the inside of you. In this concept, the essential place for ‘growth’ is in the personal interior development: learn how to deal with the circumstances, make choices and stay healthy and calm.”


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Silent Feedback, and workshop Finding your Voice at KNAW

woensdag, juni 10th, 2015

On June 11, 2015 the KNAW Academy organizes the event “How to grow a PhD”

a learning event on personal development topics for PhD’s of the KNAW institutes

plaatje KNAW phd event

Global Workers Experience trainer Arielle Brouwer will offer the workshop “Finding your voice -how to be true to yourself, speak up, and be heard” and Speed coaching sessions “Silent feedback”

In the workshop Finding your voice, you will work on your professional performance through voice work, body language and embodiment techniques. By means of practical, lively and creative exercises you will learn to present yourself in a convincing and authentic way. You will experience how it is to make an impact using your voice and body, and what to do to handle your nerves. You will come to see what sort of impression you make on others, explore what impression you would like to make, and do practical exercises designed to align the two. This will allow you to work on your personal leadership skills so that you can speak up and be heard while staying true to yourself.

Speed coaching Silent feedback: In a three-minute session in which both participant and coach remain silent, the coach will give you feedback on your presence using eye-contact, posture, movement, and other nonverbal signals. The coach can serve as a witness, a mirror, an interlocutor, or another role -whatever is most appropriate at the moment and in the interaction as it arises. We ask you to embark on this session with an open mind and without any preconceptions (although you may have a question that you would like to ask yourself).

Ariëlle Brouwer coaches and develops workshops and training courses for professionals (including academics) focusing on careers, leadership and communication. She draws on her background in the theatre, martial arts training, and her extensive experience as a trainer and coach.

logo KNAW

Program overview

Professor Theo Mulder, the overall director of the sixteen KNAW Academy institutes, will introduce the Academy’s organisation and talk about supervising PhDs and preparing them for their future careers.

Elevator pitches

One PhD student at each Academy institute will be invited to present a one-minute elevator pitch about that institute.

Plenary session: The 5 Secrets of a Successful PhD

How can you get the most out of your PhD? This plenary morning session consists of an interactive presentation by Linda van der Wal.

Speed coaching

During lunch break participants can choose to have a speed coaching session with one of the coaches.


In the afternoon there are six different workshops.

  • Workshop 1: Socratic Dialogue: What is a PhD anyway? – Claartje van Sijl
  • Workshop 2 The Seven Sources of Happiness at Work: To enjoy work and perform well – Marjorie van der Kruijs
  • Workshop 3: Identity and how we perceive each other – Elly van de Braak
  • Workshop 4: Finding your voice: How to be true to yourself, speak up and be heard – Ariëlle Brouwer
  • Workshop 5: How to manage your supervisor – Linda van der Wal
  • Workshop 6: Managing your stress: Practice makes perfect! – Marlou Kleve

Follow up

plaatje KNAW phd event

KNAW PhD Academy will offer one-day courses in September


Friday September 11    Presenting with Impact -by Ariëlle Brouwer

Explaining your research, taking a stand, convincing an need to be able to present your work in many different contexts. In this presentation training you will bring the essence of your message back to a number of key phrases, then play and rehearse with them in many different ways, and develop your personal presentation skills in practical exercises. You learn to present with more ease for yourself and more impact on others.

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FFNT Networking Dinner: feeding your career

maandag, april 7th, 2014

a Networking Dinner has been planned by FFNT for female academics of the Twente University on:

June 16 2014

in Faculty Club Restaurant

The Female Faculty Network Twente invites you to the networking dinner:

“Feeding your career: tips for advancement”

on Monday 16th June, 2014

from 17:30 till 20:00 in the Faculty Club

Featuring guest speakers:

Prof. Ariana Need (MB)

Prof. Yola Giargiadou (ITC)

Hosts: Prof. Liudvika Leisyte (Chair FFNT) and Prof. Sawitri Saharso (FFNT Board member)

Facilitator: Ariëlle Brouwer

In the days of publish and perish in academia on the one hand, and the increasing departmental demands for teaching and project acquisition we often ask ourselves- how I can fulfil these multiple tasks and advance my career? Finding the balance between different demands and at the same time doing what you like in research and teaching seem crucial for the professional satisfaction. During the dinner we will discuss with prominent professors about their experiences:
1. Can you plan your career?
2. What are the success factors of becoming a professor in the Netherlands?
3. What are the major bottlenecks in career advancement and how to overcome them?

The dinner will start with the drinks at 17.30 where we meet and greet each other. The dinner will start at 18.00. During the dinner we will hear two presentations from our guest speakers and discuss the above questions. There will be ample opportunities to share your own experiences and learn from each other.

Free dinner will be provided. If interested, please register before 10 June by email: Please note your dietary preferences if any. The event is limited to 15 participants on the first come first serve basis.

In case you cancel, please inform the secretary of FFNT Ms. Edith van Eijk at to contain the costs of the event. We appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you at this exceptional opportunity to discuss your careers and learn from each other,

Liudvika Leisyte, FFNT Chair

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