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Leadership skills: dealing with pressure and stress

vrijdag, februari 17th, 2017

Incompany workshop for University of Twente.

for Female Faculty Network members, and academic staff members


Leadership skills: dealing with pressure and stress

                                                            March 8 2017 13:00 – 16:00This practical, hands on workshop is set up as a ‘laboratory’ in which you as participant analyze, research and explore what brings you stress and pressure, how it shows up, and what you can do to reduce it and deal with it. You will learn from others, share knowledge and experience. Active participation. Practical exploration in embodied exercises.
Follow up: FFNT in addition offers participants an opportunity for getting an online follow up coaching session.

After the workshop you will have increased insight in what causes you stress and a feeling of pressure, what your favorite ways are to react on it, and you have learned, tried out and chosen for yourself a couple of tools for dealing with your stress and pressure which can directly be applied in practice.

Exercises are based on neuroscientific research, practical wisdom from martial arts and holistic health (Aikido, mindfulness, Qi Gong), tacit embodied knowledge from the theatre (the trainer’s original profession), theory and practice from the field of leadership training (ao Steven Covey), and new science on integral leadership and dealing with increasing complexity (Spiral Dynamics Integral, Integral Theory/Wilber) including the necessarily connected self-development, growth of consciousness and change of mindset, and embodiment (ao Peter Merry, Dylan Newcomb, and the program that Arielle Brouwer developed on SelfChange).

Link to FFNT website

Review coaching session:

“Arielle really helped me with her advice on how to get my focus back on my long term goals and ambitions, instead of the short term struggles, which I discovered were (and are) heavily influencing my self-confidence. I have implemented several of her tips and tricks in my routine over the last few weeks, and actually already feel a positive difference. For sure I would recommend a coaching session with Arielle to anyone with similar self-confidence issues (e.g. perfectionism, disappointment about progress)”. – PDEng (post-master trainee Professional Doctorate in Engineering)

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Facilitated Dinner: Reinventing Home

dinsdag, november 1st, 2016

                                                        Facilitated Dinner: Reinventing Home

                                         November 18 from 18:00 – 21:00 in Amsterdam

                                                                (on personal invitation only)


Arielle’s purpose with Reinventing Home is to sustain as many people as possible in (re)creating their own homefeeling. Some being forced to leave their house and homeland, others being confronted with strangers on their doorstep, many feeling in between cultures, all of us belonging to this one humanity, one earth. How can we foster feeling@home for ourselves and others? How can we reach as many people as possible? Those are the questions for this facilitated dinner.

For this Facilitated Dinner around Reinventing Home, professionals from different domains in society, and with a variety of social, cultural or ethnical backgrounds, will be invited for having tea, a meeting, a workshop, and dinner at my table. We will share stories around what ‘home’ means to us, try out ways to recover from feeling astranged, and explore what we can do to (re)create our home-feeling once we’ve lost it. We’ll discuss how we can support as many people as possible in (re)creating their feeling@home.

The workshop and dinner will be hosted by Arielle Brouwer, trainer, coach, theatre professional, experienced facilitator, and creator of the concept of facilitated dinners, where people connect around a topic that matters, learn, and have fun all at once.

Cost: €35 of which €10 will be donated to a charity foundation which sustains home-feeling; we’ll choose one foundation at the end of the dinner.

If you want to be invited, please send an email.

The workshop also gives a preview of the course ‘Thuis en Vreemd in Verandering’ (Strange and at home in change). Arielle developed the course with her colleague Sietske Dijkstra, initiator&author of Een vreemde thuis (translated book will come out soon). The course ‘Vreemd en Thuis in Verandering’ aims to strengthen professionals in social work and education in their own feeling@home, provides them with practical tools for dealing with ‘the strange’, and teaches them how to empower the people they work with in their homefeeling. It is a course for personal-professional development, and questions: How does the work and the people affect you as a professional and as a person? How can you foster feeling@home for yourself and others?

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