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Workshop value systems SDi

zaterdag, november 26th, 2016

Wednesday November 30 2016   10:00 – 13:00

Guest workshop ‘value systems’ by Arielle Brouwer

and Ina Horlings, for students of the Master course

‘Engaging Society in Spatial Transformations’ (GEMESST)

developed by Adj. Prof. Dr. L.G. (Ina) Horlings at the

Faculty of Spatial Sciences – University of Groningen


In the workshop students will explore the different value systems of Spiral Dynamics Integral:

recognizing the value systems, cognitively and embodied, and applying them to real cases/situations around engaging society in spatial transformation.




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Presentation: CHE, Yin & the field of feminine energies

zondag, april 6th, 2014

May 9 2014 at the Integral European Conference in Budapest

Arielle Brouwer will give a 20′ presentation about the experience-based research she is doing with a group of women, in the context of Constellation Yin, which is one of the active constellations of the Center for Human Emergence the Netherlands (CHE). The CHE will provide several workshops and presentations at this first European Integral conference.

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CHE will present the results of an integral research on all of the constellations (health, politics, yin), and one of the founders, Peter Merry, will give a workshop on energetics and on ‘volution’. For more details check the program of the conference.

For more information about the Center for Human Emergence, check the website.

Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Presentation: CHE, Yin & the field of feminine energies

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Academic Leadership workshop

donderdag, oktober 10th, 2013

On October 28 2013 a workshop on Academic Leadership will be given at Twente University, on demand of the Female Faculty Network Twente, for female professors, associate professors and researchers with ambition, by Arielle Brouwer and Linda van der Wal.


In this workshop we will explore the characteristics of leadership in academia and the different styles of leadership needed. In accordance with this, you will learn more about your own leadership style including focus on masculine and feminine qualities.

A crucial factor in effective leadership is the ability to switch according to the situation and to the level you are working at. During the workshop you will receive practical tips on how to develop and use this capability to achieve better results. Your practical situations and questions will be central to the learning in the workshop; theory will be provided to have a better understanding of situations and provide you with more perspective on how to handle workplace dilemma’s. Because of this approach the insights can be applied directly in your work environment. The workshop is custom made for the FFNT. After the workshop, participants will be offered the possibility of personal leadership coaching.

About the trainers

Ariëlle Brouwer and Linda van der Wal are two independent senior level trainers and coaches. They cooperate and combine their distinctive knowledge, talent and experience to help you reach the next level in your personal leadership. Ariëlle Brouwer uses her background in theatre to help you fully embody a leadership position and switch between different roles, while maintaining authenticity. Linda van der Wal uses her insight in organizational processes to help you navigate strategically on the different levels in academia.

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